Curriculum Committee

Disciplines due for curriculum review. Chart list disciplines due for Fall 2019, they are: ENGT, CNSE, FTMA, HS, NTS, JOUR, ENGR, CIS, BIOT, LS, WEXP. The disciplines due for Spring 2020 are: PHYS, PHSC, MUS, HED, HUM, KIN, ICA.

Chart for curriculum submission dates. Includes due dates for division approvals, Technical Review meeting dates, Curriculum Committee meeting dates, DTRW-I meeting dates, Board meeting dates, and effective semester for courses NOT requesting IGETC and CSU GE, effective semester for courses requesting UC transfer, and effective semester for courses requesting IGETC and CSU GE


The Curriculum Committee, a standing college committee, reviews and recommends to the College President all new courses, new programs, modifications to existing courses and programs, and graduation requirements. This committee’s charge includes these academic and professional matters as identified in Education Code 53200(c):

  • curriculum, including establishing prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines;
  • degree, certificate requirements, proficiency awards; and
  • educational program development.