College Information

photo of campus building with blue skies and green tress

General Information

Moorpark College exists to provide equal opportunity to postsecondary education at minimum cost to all who wish to avail themselves of it. Admission to Moorpark College is open to any high school graduate, anyone earning a high school proficiency certificate, or any adult eighteen years of age or older and capable of profiting from instruction. High school juniors and seniors can attend under the High School Admissions Program, provided they have the signed permission of their school principal.

The college is truly a model of what a community college should be--an institution meeting the educational and cultural needs of the community it serves. Moorpark College offers 1,500 classes a semester  in 70 disciplines, including  lower division preparation in a wide variety of transfer majors for the Baccalaureate degree and programs which lead to Associate degrees and Certificates of Achievement. Moorpark College also offers numerous Occupational Majors in areas geared to local and national employment needs and trends.



Mission Statement

With a "students first" philosophy, Moorpark College empowers its diverse community of learners to complete their goals for academic transfer, basic skills, and career education. Moorpark College integrates instruction and student services, collaborates with industry and educational partners, and promotes a global perspective.

Values Statement

Our actions and decisions are based on the following values:

  • Integrity: Committing ourselves to honesty and ethics in all individual and institutional conduct.
  • Collegiality: Cultivating a respectful campus culture that celebrates diversity and is built on a foundation of participatory governance, open dialogue, and varied perspectives.
  • Equity & Success: 1) Providing ready access to a high-quality education, 2) Helping students identify and achieve their educational goals, and 3) Minimizing equity gaps and empowering students from all walks of life to thrive in our campus community.
  • Excellence: Continuously improving our individual and collective efforts to help our campus community reach its full potential.
  • Creativity & Innovation: Supporting new approaches to problem solving, risk taking, and creative expression.

College Vision

We make the following commitments to our students, our community, and each other:

  • We will provide equitable educational opportunities through early intervention initiatives, accessible and clearly mapped curriculum, and robust student support services.
  • We will help students explore, identify, and expediently fulfill their transfer and career goals.
  • We will foster a love for learning across the broad areas of human knowledge and understanding.
  • We will engage with our community and support the local economy.
  • We will prepare our students for fulfilling careers and promote economic and social mobility.
  • We will nurture a civically-minded campus dedicated to engaging and improving our community and democratic republic through a culture of civil discourse and practice.
  • We will respect the Earth by cultivating an environmentally-responsible generation and pursuing campus initiatives that are mindful of our natural resources.
  • We will provide a safe and secure learning environment on our campus.
  • We will promote wellness through self-awareness, self-care, and support of one another to establish and maintain healthy lifestyles.