Meet International Student, Areeb Rizvi

photo of International Student, Areeb Rizvi

Areeb Rizvi is an International Student from Pakistan. He is now in his second semester at Moorpark College (Fall 2017) and is pursuing a major in biology.  Areeb plans to transfer to a 4 year university to finish his undergraduate degree and then attend medical school.

Areeb, why did you choose Moorpark College?

When I finished my A-levels in the United Kingdom, I was left open to choose between all the universities and colleges from around the world. However, I wished to be smart about my future as I wanted quality education with minimal costs. Hence I arrived at Moorpark, one of the top community colleges in the United States which offered the best value for the top quality education and opportunities it offered.

What has been the funniest class you’ve taken?

I am unable to decide between two of my classes, both of which I enjoyed to the fullest. My Chemistry class by Professor Vince Crisostomo who made a tough subject like Chemistry enjoyable and fun to learn and my English class by Professor Michael Bryant who encouraged us to think outside the box on topics we were interested in. Both Professors kept a fun enjoyable atmosphere to which their students looked forward to attend. They both were highly supportive and gave an insightful experience into their subjects.

Have you ever taken advantage of extra services?

Without a doubt, Moorpark College has excellent extra services. The Math tutoring center and the Writing Center located in the library helped me throughout the semester in understanding Mathematics as a subject and improving my English as a whole. Furthermore, the International Student office’s helpful workshops and efforts were invaluable and helped me get through my first semester without any obstacles.

What are your goals at MC and beyond?

As for Moorpark College, I wish to achieve the best I can academically as a base for me to work on for the rest of my life. Furthermore, I wish to integrate more into the society and understand the American way of life. I plan to surpass the high standards set my parents and grandparents by transferring to a world renowned university and achieving my dream of becoming a top quality doctor.

Do you have any advice for incoming students?

My top advice for the incoming students would be to avail all the opportunities the college provides. It’s easy for students to just focus on their studies and work, letting them slide into a boring routine lifestyle which will make their college experience a burden. To actually get the proper exposure to the best college life, you’ll need to be proactive in looking over the different clubs and activities around the campus and take part in them. Furthermore, to take advantage of the writing and math tutoring center in the library, its extensive help is often underappreciated.

Are you involved in activities or clubs at Moorpark?

In my first semester, I spent my time exploring different clubs and activities around the campus to develop an understanding on how much it would influence my studies. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it would actually enhance my experience at the college. I have signed up for the Peer Mentor Program which aims to help new incoming students. I am also looking to sign up for the Honor’s Program which will help me in my transfer as well as applying my knowledge in class. I shall be also be joining the International Students Organization which is specifically set up for International Students to get to know other students from around the world.